I know, this is almost a day late, but heres a gem:

What Not to Wear?

What Not to Wear?

And another one, directly below this one:

Words fail me...

Words fail me...

I like how the guy is trying to grab that velvet hat in the first pic 😉


Quotable Quotes II

She is 5’3… Her uncle is quite tall… even her aunt.
– A middle aged Indian Gentleman trying to up-sell a rather vertically challenged girl.

Yeah, so what if its a washed up ’88 Camry, have you seen the 2009 Lexus? It looks hot!
– My rather uncharitable analysis of the same.

… trying to find a soulmate… the gift that keeps on giving.

Quotable Quotes

Kids these days, they say stuff like “we would like to see each other a few times, get to know each other better before deciding”. What do you say to rubbish like that
– An elderly Indian gentleman, commenting on the unreasonable demands made by todays generation.

Because heavens forbid, if people were allowed to know each other before marriage, it would totally ruin the sanctity of marriage.

Thanks to the foresight of our leaders and the magnanimity of the corporates, we are in the middle of an avoidable crisis. Now, I see no point in whining, especially since its not going to fix anything, so I do the best I can with whats in my hands. I’ll share one of those tips with you today (and more in the future.)

  • When dining out, try going with plain water instead of a drink.

Its not just cheaper, but also much healthier. It is not a drastic change and I hardly notice the difference, but it adds up before you know it. Let me elaborate. I typically eat out 3-4 times a week, mostly over the weekend. So lets do some math:

Dining out per week: 4 times.
Savings per week: $1.25 x 4 = $5
Monthly savings: $5 x 4 = $20
Yearly savings: $20 x 12 = $240

240 bucks!! Club this in with a couple of other small things that save you 15 bucks a month each, and you have a yearly saving of 500 bucks!! You could totally buy that second desktop with that!

Also, remember, money is only one aspect of this tip. The second, more important one is health. I love having coke or dew once in a while, and I do have them at work 4 times a day sometimes (though not as often as you would think, I am an engineer, not a programmer), but too much of it gets unhealthy real fast.  If you absolutely must have something other than water, try some lemonade or juice or hot chocolate. You’ll thank yourself in 20 years.

And to finish off on a positive note, heres a video explaining the Meltdown – in a delightful British accent:

From American Public Media on Youtube.

That you can go from “so pathetic” to “so sweet” with a well timed gift.


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